Wednesday, 2 September 2015

World no:1 PPC Site :Google Adsense

Google Adsense of the World No:1 best PPC based networks. No doubt every blogger and website owner wants to earn through Adsense because there are reasons behind the success and Adsense Popularity. In short Adsense is Bid based CPC and RPM networks and there are lots of advertisers bases on the niche of sites. Adsense offers highest CPC rates and show more targeted ads related to content which increase the CTR rate and helps to earn more revenue.
Adsense rates varies on the bases of relevant and irrelevant ads. It CPC rate vary between the range of $0.02 - $15 depend upon the location of visitor and niche of the blog.

  • Getting Adsense Approval is too Hard.
  • Highest CPC Rates as compare to others.
  • Show Targeted Ads for particular Pages on the bases of Relevant and Irrelevant.
  • Minimum Payout $100  via check or wired transfer. 

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